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Apple iPhone 5 White
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Finally, Apple iPhone 5 White has been revealed with new iPod touch, new iPod Nano, new iTunes, and new Earpods. To see this device, people had to wait around one year completely. Has this phone been worth to wait? Today, we will discuss each and everything about this new smart phone. One thing that makes Apple a perfect phone-maker is its design. When it comes to design of iPhone 5 White, it got the same industrial design vibe as the iPhone 4S. However, new product comes with Aluminum finish on its rear. This new approach makes the sixth generation iPhone more beautiful and stylish. In terms of design, nothing can beat new iPhone 5 White.

While developing Apple iPhone 5 White, Apple did not change its width. However, Apple did make beautiful changes in depth and length. Therefore, this intelligent phone feels more secure in hands. On the front-panel, you see beautiful 4.0 inch Retina Display and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera just above the ear-piece. This new iPhone also supports nano-SIM card which makes the device slimmer. Overall measurements are 123.8x58.6x7.6mm. It weighs just 112G. Length of the screen has been increased. As a result, you see a extra row of app icons on the front display. Camera quality is also good as iPhone 5 offers 8-megapixel digital rear-facing snapper with LED flash and other specs.

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